As a non-profit organization (an affiliate of the Lions Club) we believe in fostering family values, positive sportsmanship, and mentoring amongst riders of all ages and skill levels.   We welcome all spectators and racers of the beginner, intermediate, expert, and pro level in age groups between 4-100.   

In addition to hosting two motocross series, we fund raise and volunteer hundreds of hours to provide and maintain a nice motocross track that is open to the public for practice, free of charge, during normal track hours and on non race days.

As a non-profit sporting club, it is our pleasure to serve the community and keep racing alive in Anchorage and our surrounding communities. We hope to see this sport continue on for another 40+ years. 

What We do

about us

The Anchorage Racing Lions are a member club of the Lions Club International.  We are a non-profit club run by volunteers.  We began as the Alaska Motocross Racing Association in the 1970's and later became the Anchorage Racing Lions in 1998.

Classes for all ages & skill 

Regardless of your age or skill level, we have a fun fair class for you to race in.  Moto Classes are offered for all of the following groups:

50 - Expert, Intermediate, and Novice (Beginner)

65 - Expert, Intermediate, and Novice (Beginner)

85 - Expert, Intermediate, and Novice (Beginner)

Supermini - Advanced class for kids

Youth - Open class for kids, up to 250 cc

Big Bike Novice - Open class to all ages, up to 450 cc

250 & (125) - Expert, Intermediate, and Novice (Beginner)

450 & (250). -  Expert, Intermediate, and Novice (Beginner)

Vet (over 30) - Expert, Intermediate, and Novice (Beginner)

Women - Expert, Novice

Masters (over 40) - Open Class

Sr. Vet (over 50) -  Open Class

PRO class