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April Meeting included board members, Jason Carlson, Steve Adkins, Amanda Hawkinson, Ralph Blanchard, Kyle Armbrust, Richard Griggs, and Beth Adkins.

It has been discussed with the Muni that they may be able to open the track Wednesday- Friday during the season, this will help alleviate the board members that have to work and have trouble getting the track open at 10am. Yay Muni! This is not certain yet but either way the gate will get opened when the land use agreement is received.

Preseason Sign ups can be done either at the Motorcycle Show (thanks to The Motorcycle Shop for donating a booth to the ARL) We will be there Saturday April 18th from 10-6 and Sunday April 19th from 12-5. We will also be having an Organized Groomed Practice on April 25th from 10-4, please see the schedule tab for the practice schedule! We will be doing preseason sign ups all day. We will be taking donations to ride for the day, it will cost the club to put on this organized groomed practice and we would GREATLY appreciate any and all donations! Remember we will always take canned food or eye glasses too!

We still need sponsors for the season, if you or anyone you know is interested please use the contact tab to email Amanda and we will get a sponsor packet to you or the business!!!

We have changed the track in order to alleviate the need for so many flaggers, the track changes so far have led us to only need 7 and we should only need 5 flaggers when all changes are finished! We will be having volunteer flaggers this year which will save the club about $7000!!! Yayyyyy!

We are working on having volunteer fire fighters as medics this year which will also save us about $600 per race! If you know any fire fighters or medical personnel that would be interested in volunteering please let us know through the contact page on this site.


March Meeting included board members,  Jason Carlson, Steve Adkins, Amanda Hawkinson, Ralph Blanchard, Kyle Armbrust, Beth Adkins, and Gatlynn Sloane.

Topics discussed were sponsors for the 2015 season, we have many leads and will be actively seeking more sponsors before the season begins.

Board member positions and volunteer positions were discussed. Amanda and Kim will still be doing sign ups and inputting placements. Amanda will continue to do the paybacks. Jason will be manning the gate drop. Steve will be in charge of the 30 second board. Gary Fisher has agreed to be our Finish Line Flagger for the 2015 season, THANK YOU Gary!! We are in the process of determining how we will do the score keeping, at this time we are planning on doing shifts so that our board members can still participate and only have to score a few motos at a time, this will also relieve the $200 a race that we normally pay the scorekeepers. We are still in the process of locating a medic for the city series(average payment per race last year was $600, we are hoping to either find a volunteer or alleviate some of that financial burden), but have some great leads. We are also still looking for groups to do the flagging, we would really like to get a volunteer group because this was a large expense of $500 a race last year also. Kyle Armbrust will be dozing this year and Ralph Blanchard will be helping guide some of the track changes so that we can make the track a little more inviting to those that aren't expert riders. We are also hoping to alter the track so that we do not need so many yellow flagging positions.

Track hours will remain the same as last year and new signs will be posted to help alleviate the confusion we dealt with last year, hours will be Wednesday thru Sunday 10am until 8pm, GATES will close at 830pm, this means we will guide those off the track at 8pm so that they have enough time to get loaded up and out of the gate by 830pm. These are city guidelines so please follow them wisely :)

If you are looking to sign up early please join us on April 18th from 1-5pm(times may be subject to change considering our amazingly nice weather, we may start practice earlier) for preseason registration! Amanda and Kim will be there to sign people up for the 2015 season. Please make sure to print and fill out the Membership Form AND Waiver and bring it with you to the track, this will make the process much faster! If you can't print, don't worry we will have them there for you! We also plan to have an organized GROOMED practice during this time so please stay tuned for the entry fee we will charge for riding on the 18th.


February Meeting included board members, Jason Carlson, Steve Adkins, Amanda Hawkinson, Kim Carter, Ralph Blanchard, Kyle Armbrust, Beth Adkins, and Richard Griggs. Absent were Gatlynn Sloane and Tami Carlson.

Sponsors were discussed and are actively being pursued

Discussion regarding creating a true half track for the 50.2 (shift/shaft/fan 50s class) Entry fee will be $20 and will include plaques at the end of the year but no championship jacket.

Race fees for the Anchorage city will be the same as state, all classes will be $35 and PRO will be $50, $5 from each class will go to the City awards fund. PRO will still be 100% payout but using the $45 fee (since $5 will go to end of year awards).

We are actively looking for someone to do the logo, the designer we had is no longer available at this time.

We plan on allowing the track to open on April 1st but weather permitting, we will not open sooner in hopes that the lack of snow will allow earlier use of equipment and several track changes.

The gate will continue to close Wednesday - Saturday at 830pm, this means in order to allow for everyone to get out of the gate before it closes, we will be getting people off the track at 8pm.

Our next meeting will be March 9th at 630pm at Gallos on Arctic and Dimond.


A State Board Meeting was held on Saturday, the rulebook will now be used uniformly throughout all three clubs, any differences between the clubs will be clearly noted in the rulebook, stay tuned for the PDF version to be posted on the website soon! We will also be printing and handing them out this year, it will be your responsibility to read and abide by these rules! The state schedule should be posted in the new few weeks, the 2015 city schedule for Anchorage can be seen under the Schedule tab.

Board of Directors!! President: Jason Carlson 
Vice President: Steve Adkins
Secretary: Kim Carter
Treasurer: Amanda Hawkinson
Directors: Ralph Blanchard, Beth Adkins, Richard Griggs, Tami Carlson, Gatlynn Sloan, and Kyle Armbrust
Congratulations guys! And thank you so much to those that volunteered to serve!!