The Jodphur Motor sports park is Municipality of Anchorage park land. Riding hours are 10:00 am. to 8:00 pm. Wednesday through Sunday, and there is no charge for use outside of Anchorage Racing Lions events The track is closed the day before and the day of races- check our schedule page. Please ride responsibly! Minimum safety gear consists of a helmet, eye protection, long sleeve shirt, long pants, and stiff boots. Pay attention to track direction. Be considerate of fellow riders - a wide variety of skill levels may be on the track at any time. 

​ The Anchorage Racing Lions are a member club of the Lions Clubs International. We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers. At last count, about 300 motocross enthusiasts were members of the club. The Alaska Motorcycle Racing Association, formed in the late 1970's, became the Anchorage Racing Lions in 1998. 


The Anchorage Racing Lions are organized to promote fun, fair motocross racing for all ages. We host the Anchorage city motocross series, support the Rival Park Motocross Series, and co-host the Alaska state Championship motocross series. We maintain the Jodphur Road Motocross Park area for off-road vehicle use from April through September. 

When can you ride?

State Fees

Season of 2017

Race Day Fees

First Class - $35

Each Additional Class - $35

PRO Class Fee - $35

$5 from each class will go into the State Awards Fund for end of year awards.

Expert and PRO Classes will be paid out at least 100% for state. Using the $30 entry fee for Experts and $45 for PRO.

What is ARL?

​What we do



The only authorized riding area is within the fenced boundary. Remember to slow down on your way to the track! There have been complaints of trucks with quads and bikes driving TOO FAST on the way to & from the track. Don't jeopardize the image of all MX riders by driving above the 35 mph speed limit. There are lots of new residences along Kincaid road and we all need to be mindful and respectful of the surrounding area. Please be considerate and aware of the image you are projecting.

Thank you!!!